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Mesilat Yesharim: Path of The Just
Self Perfection and Cleaving to the Divine in the path of HaRav Moshe Chaim Luzzato
By: Rabbi David Botton
Status: Complete - 11 MP3s, aprox. 10hours

Audio Recordings Playlist: RealPlayer/WinMedia/MP3
Mesilat-01.mp3 (45:47)
MP3 Download
Introduction to Messilat Yesharim and the Authors Introduction
Mesilat-02.mp3 (43:07)
MP3 Download
Man's Obligation in the World
Mesilat-03.mp3 (45:11)
MP3 Download
Zehirut - Monitoring One's Actions
Mesilat-04.mp3 (60:15)
MP3 Download
Zerizut - Self Motivation
Mesilat-05.mp3 (55:54)
MP3 Download
Nekiut - Honesty to One's Self
Mesilat-06.mp3 (59:14)
MP3 Download
Perishut - Distancing From Desire
Mesilat-07.mp3 (46:51)
MP3 Download
Tahora - Purifying One's Thoughts
Mesilat-08.mp3 (66:03)
MP3 Download
Chasidut - Passion for Hashem and Torah
Mesilat-09.mp3 (54:15)
MP3 Download
Anavah - Being Humble
Mesilat-10.mp3 (39:36)
MP3 Download
Yirat Chet - Detesting Sin
Mesilat-11.mp3 (39:08)
MP3 Download
Kedushah - Being Holy
Course Materials
Course IntroductionIntroduction to the life and works of Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzato and the purpose of the Messilat Yesharim
English TextEnglish Text of Mesilat Yesharim from www.shechem.org
Hebrew TextHebrew Text of Mesilat Yesharim from (www.shechem.org)

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