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Creating Audio CDs from Long MP3 Classes

The Problem: Burning long MP3s on to a CD results in a single track, so if you stop in the middle on many players you either have to fast forward for ever (Ouch!!) or start again from the start.

The Solution: Break the MP3 in to parts and then burn the parts to separate tracks on a CD. We have done that for you. Below is the MP3 you selected split into 10 minute parts. You just download each part separately and then drag them in to your CD burning application. Make sure that you choose to burn an Audio CD in your CD burning application.

If your software supports it, you should set it to burn disk-at-once (DAO) and set the pause to 0 between tracks.

Would you like to split the MP3 in to smaller or larger parts? Choose a different size:

Download in parts : Shmuel I - ShmuelA_05

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