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Prayer for Afflictions Date: December 22, 2003
When God brings affliction upon us it is a cure for our soul. Just as a doctor will prescribe bitter medicines or even amputations and the patient will gladly accept the medicine to prevent the spread of disease and their ultimate destruction, so too our troubles are a prescriptions for our souls.

How then can a person pray for themselves?

There is no affliction with out sin.

When we sin we cause affliction to the upper worlds. God gives the Jew the special mission to represent his truth in the world and so his every act of falsehood distorts the divine revelation.

Just as a father feels the pain of the administering of painful cures to his child so too is their affliction above. For as a result of the falsehoods once perpetrated now the bearer of the mission is afflicted creating the illusion that perhaps the mission itself is tainted.

How can we not pray for the end of affliction on high!

May God grant a complete recovery to each and every one of us so that we should be strong to bear His mission in the world and fulfill his will.

Based on Nefesh HaChaim Gate 2 chapters 11-12
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talmid Date: February 06, 2004
Dear Rabbi Botton,

I have a question rather than a comment.
Can one believe in only a spiritual cure for an affliction instead of a physical cure that's based on this natural world?
Let's say if someone suddenly gets seriously sick, is he supposed to rely totally on doctors or can he rely totally on HaShem and refused to see a doctor? What's the best attitude to take?

Are all sickness, serious or not, brought about by
sin? Let's say a common cold.

Thank you.
dbotton Date: February 18, 2004
One can and should believe only in a spiritual cure, but one is OBLIGATED to seek out a physical therapy when needed. The fact that one has come to the point of needing such a therapy should in itself be a humbling experience.

Sin is not the only reason for affliction and sickness to come upon a person, but we must always take personal responsibility for it coming in to our lives by doing Teshuvah, increasing our study of Torah and doing Mitzvot. (See Mes. Berachot 5a - If a man sees that painful suffering...)
AlephTav Date: October 17, 2011
Dear Rabbi Botton

Thank you for sharing your teaching freely. May you and your team be richly blessed beyound measure with all blessings from Heaven.

Shalom Shalom!

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