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The 50th Chamber Date: March 28, 2004
Even the most evil person in Israel does not reach the 50th level of defilement. In order to enter into the 50th chamber one must descend for 400 consecutive days.

Every year thirty days before Passover, God, in his abundant kindness, lifts the defilement from the Jewish people 1/30th each day and so each year on the night of Passover the Jewish people are once again given freedom from the bounds of defilement.

God in his wisdom slowly removes the defilement in order that the other side not be aroused and raise a complaint against the Jews.

It is on Passover night when we are free that we can seize the moment with nothing holding us back and change the world though the discussions of Torah and fulfillment of commandments at our tables.

May we all merit a kosher and happy Passover!

(Based on Chesed LeAvraham 2:57)
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