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Peer Preasure Date: August 10, 2004
One of the most powerful of all Yetzer Harot, desires, is to lose ones mind, and so responsibility for self, to a group.

The commandment to "Love your Neighbor as yourself" is only possible when you have a "yourself", that is a "you" making decisions. To love your neighbor and to conform to the group is only a Mitzvah when "you" make the decisions with the group having asked a question of your Posek, the Rabbi you have chosen to lead you in matters of Jewish Law, if it is correct to do what the group is doing or not.

When the group is wrong, "Do not be drawn after him, do not listen to him, do not have compassion on him, do not take pity on him, and do not cover for him". (Devarim 13:9)
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yossi Date: February 05, 2005
However a group is good if it forces you to abide by certain standards, therefore on the other hand it is better to belong to a group than to go alone.

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