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אמרו רבותינו זכרונם לברכה (שבת קל"ח:) 'עתידה תורה שתשכח מישראל', על כן מדפיסים ספרים הרבה וכל אחד קונה ספרים כדי שיהיו ספרים ביד כל אחד, כדי שלא תשכח התורה על ידי רבוי הספרים הנמצאים ביד כל אחד ואחד.
רבי נחמן מברסלב
ספר שיחות מוהר"ן אות י"ח

Our Rabbis of Blessed Memory said: (Shabbos, 138b) "In the future Torah will become forgotten from the Jewish people." Therefore we should print a lot of books, and everyone should go and buy them in order that books should be readily available, and because of the multitude of books Torah should not become forgotten.
Rebbi Nachman of Breslov
Sichos Moharan, 18.

We support our good friend Rabbi Nosson Slifkin and his excellent books, The Science of Torah, Mysterious Creatures, and The Camel, the Hare and the Hyrax, and encourage everyone to buy them, read them, help keep them in print, and continue learning and spreading Torah for the sake of truth. Visit www.zootorah.com.

Unsorted Seforim

This section just has a list of files named in Hebrew with the name of the sefer. Most of them are already in the PDF format, but some are in Multipage TIF format and some are just separate pages in folders. Eventually all of these seforim will move over to their permanent location on our site and will get written descriptions and publication dates both in English and Hebrew.

Please be aware that the Unsorted Seforim section runs slower than the rest of the site and the downloads may take much longer.

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