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About Us

Disclaimer : We only distribute seforim that are either NOT copyrighted, the copyright has expired, or we have received specific permission to distribute a particular sefer. If you see a sefer on our web site that is copyrighted and should not be distributed please let us know immediately by sending email to support@seforimonline.org.

This web site is dedicated to making old seforim of Rishonim and Acharonim available over the internet. The Seforim Online project is run by dedicated individuals who are commited to the mitzva of Talmud Torah.

All of the seforim available on this web site are completely free. Most of them are out-of-print and are not readily available in stores. Some are not out-of-print, but due to their age do not have any copyright restrictions.

Most seforim are obtained through various libraries and some through synagogues and private individuals.

We also put together audio lessons on some of seforim that we make available.

As our web site grows we plan to put together CD-ROMs and distribute them for free.

SeforimOnline.org has been inspired by Chaim Rosenberg, the author of HebrewBooks.org whom we had a pleasure of meeting personally. Please visit his web site at http://www.hebrewbooks.org.